3 Reasons Why Feminism Will Never Succeed

While I’m an advocate for equal rights and opportunities between all kinds of people, there are 3 fundamental reasons why I think Feminism, as we know it today, will never succeed.

Before diving into it, I want to put a disclaimer that this is just my view/opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion nowadays, right? So if you don’t like what I’m about to say, there’s not much I can do about that, but feel free to leave a comment down below.

Now, here are the 3 reasons:

1. The Name of Feminism

So to start things off with a bang, this might sound blatantly stupid, but whoever came up with the name for this social rights movement clearly wasn’t thinking straight. If you want to advocate for equality of rights between men and women, it would’ve been better to name it the “Gender Rights Movement” or something along these lines.

Imagine if the civil rights movement had been called “BLACKISM”, how far d’you think that would’ve gone? Yea, I rest my case.

2. Lack of Leadership

As far as the eye can see, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who is spearheading this movement. Who is in charge? Who is going to lead the poor/oppressed women to bring about the much-needed change in mentality for a better world/future?

From what I’ve ascertained, there is no charismatic figure which is paving the way. The civil rights movement had Martin Luther King Jr., which is why it had such a massive effect and impact on humanity.

Feminism has no unifying leader, and that’s the truth.

3. Feminism is not equality

From what I’ve seen occurring on a societal level through a behavioral-economical perspective, modern-day Feminism seems to instill this idea into the general population that women are special, that they’re the victims and men are the oppressors. And what this inevitably brings about is that it seemingly allows women to backlash and do whatever the hell they desire towards men, regardless of what the consequences may be.

Moreover, the most vital point is that Feminism is somehow trying to prove that women are SUPERIOR to men. Or that a woman can do anything a man can.

Which makes absolutely no sense from a purely rational-logical perspective. The fact of the matter is that men and women will always be different on some level, but that doesn’t mean that one gender is superior/inferior to the other.

On average, men are physically stronger than women, it’s always been men who’ve been in certain occupations such as construction and extremely demanding physical labor; it’s men who go to WAR and fight for their country (for the stupidest reasons imaginable).

It’s because of men that we have roads to drive our cars on, concrete buildings to work-live-and-sleep in, not to mention the countless ingenious and materialistic inventions/innovations from the dawn of civilization. Have you ever considered why it’s been this way?

It’s because our brains are structured differently. The early research from neuroscience indicates that men and women have differences in the neurological structure of specific brain areas, so the fact of the matter is that men will always have an advantage in certain occupations, and the same goes for women.

It’s nothing discriminatory, it’s just BIOLOGICAL, and you don’t mess with science.

Instead of playing to our weaknesses, we need to play to our strengths.

Instead of fighting against nature, we need to align with nature.

The whole reason why society, the earth, humanity is so FUCKED up in today’s world is because of the previous 2 sentences.

Once more and more people start to wake up and acknowledge the FACTS and what the scientific/objective truth of being human really means, then just maybe we might be able to evolve into a better society. Lastly, the only way that the “gender rights movement” will ever be successful is when we move from a mentality of competition – “us vs them, men vs women” – to one of cooperation – “we’re all in this together, men and women working together in spite of our differences – helping each other out to build a better world”.

20 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Feminism Will Never Succeed

  1. L’unica cosa che considero paritΓ  fra i due sessi (quindi niente maschilismo o femminismo) Γ¨ il rispetto reciproco, ciao


    1. Quindi stai dicendo che ti ho mancato di rispetto? Se conosci ‘sto detto, “you gotta give respect to get respect”. πŸ™‚


  2. Women don’t go on war because the combat roles in our country is not yet opened for them. Countries like Israel, USA have already opened that role for women as well and now they’re fighting. For other labor intensive occupations, women (especially in ‘civilised’ societies) were never socialised to accept them. On the other hand, Tribal societies for instance have a fairly high proportion of women involved in labor intensive occupations!

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    1. Hi Roshni, well as to your 1st point, it’s quite evident that the overwhelming majority of the military is comprised by men (even if/though there is a minority of women), and it’s most likely because if all the women went to war alongside men, then who would be left to bear children and continue our species? There’s a reason why you hear this saying, “save the women and children first”… men have always been expendable in times of physical warfare.

      As to your 2nd point, I think that women could carry out the same labor-intensive jobs that men are usually involved in, and I agree that so-called ‘civilized’ societies have been conditioned to favor males for this line of work, but I also think there must be some valid reasons why societies have developed in such a manner.

      Anyways, I appreciate your input! Best wishes πŸ™‚


  3. Feminism is called feminism as it took over from the Women’s Rights Movement which had been slandered, much in the same way feminism is today. I agree that the name makes men automatically object to it or ignore it as an issue but back in the early 1900’s there wasn’t an LGBTQ movement like there is today for feminism to include or be named something more inclusive and now there are specialist movements for gender issues.

    How can a global movement have a leader? The Civil Right’s Movement was only in America. Where as sexism, violence against women and rape culture are global issues with many different countries involved. How can 1 person lead the whole movement when the issues vary so much between the east and the west? How can I, a woman from the UK fight to end FGM in Africa, or fight the high rape stats in India, or help women in the Miidle East leave the house without a man, when those issues aren’t in my country? The UN reports that there is a global bias against women – 90% of people globally have a bias against women – how can one person lead a movement that capsulises all the issues women face globally?

    And Lastly, the way in which you have interpreted feminism is why feminism will never be successful, at least in my life time. It’s a common misconception that feminists want to be equal to men, or we think women deserve special treatment; we just want the same rights, pay, respect, treatment. We know we are physically different and most real feminists will agree. We know our brains are different, our natural instincts differ and our natural strengths and weaknesses are different, but that doesn’t mean the gender roles present in todays society shouldn’t be questioned. It doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve both men and women by having both be more feminine and masculine respectively.

    I agree that the movement is flawed and won’t be as successful as the civil rights movement, but when you look at the racism still living in America, can you say the civil rights movement was really that succesful?

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    1. Hi Kelly, well I would urge you to consider the opposite question, “how can a global movement not have a leader [or a group of leaders]?” I mean, I get what you’re saying on how the issues can vary so much from country to country, but in that case, I think there ought to be some form of ‘United Congress for the Global Feminist Movement” – or something along these lines, ala the United Nations. I don’t see how there’s going to be much progress on this front without some form of leadership.

      On the 1st point, well I actually wasn’t aware that it was called the “Women’s Rights Movement”, that actually sounds better than Feminism (err lol jk)…

      On the 3rd point, well that’s good to know, and I must admit that I do have a tendency to think that guys and girls shouldn’t deviate from their gender roles, but I’m also aware that it’s most likely due to my upbringing and social-cultural conditioning. In any case, I agree with you on how we all deserve the “same rights, pay, respect, treatment”, maybe one day it’ll be commonplace instead of being the exception to the rule.

      Lastly, well the way that I look at racism is that it’s progressed in stages… I mean, compare how African-Americans used to be treated before the civil rights movement and afterwards, or how they were treated a century ago compared to today, there’s a stark difference and it’s mostly for the better. Obviously there’s still much that needs to be done in this area, but I think it can only get better from here on out. I’m actually more optimistic about racism than I am about feminism… but that’s a topic/post for another time.

      Anyways, thank you for your feedback, much appreciated and insightful..!! πŸ™‚

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      1. You say racism is improving in stages, but so is equality for women. In the last 100 years, we’ve gone from gaining the right to vote to being politicians, gone from mostly homemakers to now business owners and career women, but as with racism the way people are raised plays a huge part in how successful the movement is. You have men being raised by sexist men and compliant women, they will internalise the same views and women stay being disrespected in the same ways.

        I don’t understand why you think it needs to have a leader. I understand what you’re saying and how more progress could be made if there were leaders, but I don’t think it’s essential for progress to be made at all.

        For there to be anything even like a “United Congress for the Global Feminist Movement” more men would need to understand feminism and BE feminists because we don’t have the power to create such a thing without men, damn patriarchy.

        Appreciate the discusson!

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      2. Well, I think there needs to be some form of leadership because history teaches us that real change has mostly taken place with someone in charge. I mean, sure there can be progress, but it’ll be that much slower and less effective if there isn’t someone to lead the way and for feminism to gain greater traction and visibility. Anyways, that’s just my view eh, it’s not necessarily set in stone πŸ™‚

        I think the major obstacle for men to become feminists is this idea or illusion that men would have to “concede or give up” something (power) in order for women to gain more rights and greater status in society. You know ’cause a lot of people have a win-lose mentality and they can’t possibly envision a win-win world for everyone ’cause unfortunately it hasn’t arrived yet, although some people are more aware than others.


  4. At some point a movement is going to be held accountable for the actions of it’s most prominent members.

    Feminism’s big issue is that were you to visit almost any feminist website on the interenet and simply replace the word men with black or Jew, what you’d find would be tantamount to hate speech.

    Pretty easy to see why people abhor feminism but still believe in equality.

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    1. Hey Manly Man, well that’s an interesting way of putting it and I definitely get where you’re coming from with the man-black-jew analogy.

      So yea, I guess you’re aligned with my way of looking at feminism, ultimately what we want is equality, right? And it seems that feminism in its current form is severely lacking and has a lot of holes to plug.


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