Coming Back from Oblivion

It’s kinda funny how things work out sometimes, life can be really strange that way, you know? A friend used to tell me how when his life is finally over, he’d like there to be written on his tombstone, “it’s all a big joke”. Like for real.

Stories have a way of captivating us, taking us out of our supposedly mundane realities and into a whole ‘nother universe. The ‘best’ ones are those which make us laugh and feel alive, perhaps infatuated with the idea of love.

Real life is a bit of a mixed bag; it can be the worst shit ever sometimes or it can be absolutely amazing. Usually, it’s hovering somewhere in between the 2 extremes.

Last Thursday, I went to try acupuncture for the first time, to see if it would help with some stomach gas + anxiety issues that seem to follow me around, for the past few years now. Before trying it, I imagined it would be some crazy thing ala ‘Neo from the Matrix’ when he wakes up to reality and has a thousand needles stuck on his body:


Or like this:


In actuality, it was a lot more easy-going than I had pictured in my mind. Just a dozen needles, a very slight sting, quite tolerable, and nothing painful.

Isn’t it funny how things rarely/never turn out the way you think or imagine they will? Seems to be the case, more often than not, especially when there’s some underlying anticipation, apprehension or expectation attached to a future event.

During the weekend, one of my best friends came to the rescue; we met up nearby, talked things out (because I wasn’t doing so well…), and had a pretty good time. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; it seems as if it’s in our darkest hour that we can find the light. Out of the blue.

Having the support of family and friends, in times of trouble, makes all the difference in the world. Including some lovely bloggers, thank you for being here, it means a lot (to me).

At the end of the day, the way out of oblivion seems to be condensed to a single word: Love. As the Beatles used to say, “All you need is love”, right? Until next time. ❀



21 thoughts on “Coming Back from Oblivion

  1. ‘Isn’t it funny how things rarely/never turn out the way you think or imagine they will? ‘ this is probbaly the biggest mystery ever πŸ˜€

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