Amsterdam Adventures

Buongiorno and buonasera to all! It’s been a while, I spent the past week or so in Amsterdam, stayed at my brother’s place, and got back home last night. It was quite the “trip”.

Traveling to a foreign country always gives you something special; memories, sensations, sights and delights, food for thought, maybe even a shift in perspective.

Now, to be frank, the first thing I think of whenever I visit Amsterdam is: this place is fucked up. In a hilarious and crazy kind of way.

As soon as you step out of Central Station, you can smell the weed in the air. There’s no other country in Europe which is like this, it’s totally bonkers.

But then, this clearly wasn’t enough for the magnificent/progressive dutch people. So, off they go and legalize sex workers, with the infamous red light district. I passed by that area but didn’t partake in any “shady activity”, because it goes against my principles. Even though, I’ll admit that the temptation was there. It’s nature, after all.

This was the 4th time I visited Amsterdam, so I had already seen the main attractions pretty much; i.e. Van Gogh Museum, Madame Tussauds, Anne Frank’s House.

On another note, I tripped out on psychedelic shrooms/truffles (which are also legal there). It was the 3rd time tripping overall and it was a mixed bag. Not bad, not super amazing either, somewhere in the middle. It really sent my mind into overdrive and I can still feel the effects lingering within my psyche, even now, 5-6 days after the experience.

As for the rest of this vacation, it was pretty fun and invigorating. I biked around the city, for the first time, almost crashing into people and other bikes, haha.

Perhaps, the main reason I went to visit Amsterdam was to escape. At least temporarily. To escape the madness of everyday life. The dull dreariness of mindless routine. ‘Cause sometimes you just need a spark or something to reignite the engines. To keep on moving forward.

Lastly, no travel adventure would be complete without pictures, right? So, here they are, hope you enjoyed this!

De Wallen Canal
Nieuwmarkt Plaza
Oosterpark (near bro’s place)
Tropen Museum Entrance (near Oosterpark)
Tropen Museum Exhibit A – Migration
Tropen Museum Exhibit B – Inspiration

15 thoughts on “Amsterdam Adventures

    1. Haha, glad you enjoyed it Lisa 🙂 yea, it was fun and even funnier the way you put it 😉 I’m always reading all your posts eh, we’ll be in touch surely, hugs ❤

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