Mind Games

Almost all relationships between man and woman start off as mind games. Not always, sometimes they come along somewhere down the road, as the relationship goes deeper into the rabbit hole. Mind games can provoke a string of emotions, both good and bad. There will be times where you’re absolutely loving it and other times […]

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Where the Wind Blows

Every day brings a fresh breath of new air. We never really know what’s going to happen sometimes, especially when we step out of our comfort zone. Breaking routine. Getting out there and connecting with people. It’s a wonderful feeling. If you’re really lucky, (which I consider myself to be) you may come across certain […]

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Small Update

My 20th therapy session with EV got postponed till the 24th of Feb. She canceled last minute ’cause of a “family emergency”. Oh well, maybe it’s a sign from destiny, that I need to change something. Then, I turned 30 around 1 month ago (on Jan. 7th), which coincidentally is also orthodox christmas. Isn’t that […]

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Mind as Ocean

The mind is like an ocean. If you’re near the surface, you can see the light and feel relatively safe and calm. But if you go deeper, it may become dark and lonely, and eventually you’ll feel the need to resurface. Just to feel alive.

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Dreams of Becoming

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” It’s a typical question we’re asked as children in school by our teachers. Some kids may answer with clichés such as “astronaut, movie star, sports athlete!” or whatever you can think of. Then, with age, most of us gravitate towards a certain ‘profession’, either by […]

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