A Collection of Poetry III

So, here is the third Volume of my Poetry series. I like posting them in mass like this, on a somewhat monthly basis. You may find links for Volumes I and II here. The following are ordered from most recent to least. As always, hope you enjoy reading these. Hope and Faith Many people question faith While […]

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One of the greatest feelings in life is when we connect. When people just get each other. Because after all, isn’t that what we’re all longing for? Someone we can hold on to with every grasp, with every fiber of our being. There are few people in this world with whom I share such a […]

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After the Storm

“After the storm comes a calm; the calm after a storm”. Such a beautiful expression of how life can change in the blink of an eye. What better way to define these past few days? Let’s get real. As much as it would be lovely if things always went our way, if we were soaring through […]

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Acceptance in Healing

People who get their hearts broken, who get their souls cracked into pieces, who suffer a mental illness, who’ve lost someone very dear to them – are like a broken tea cup. It can be fixed, it may look like it’s whole, but that rippling fissure running right through it will remain: If we patch […]

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When the Heart Speaks

To write well, we must write from the heart. At least this is what I read (on other people’s blogs) and found to be true from personal experience. It seems like a simple concept, but is it actually so in reality? What does it even mean to “write from the heart”? Do we just let […]

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