Trying New Things

So, today was quite something..!! Unexpected thunderstorm at night and visit to an osteopath/friend during the day. She’s someone I’ve known since middle school, but recently we started to get to know one another. It’s nice to have a friend like this. It was the first time, in my life, that I went to see […]

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Being Alive

Wow, just wow. These last couple of days have been nothing short of breath-taking. I feel so alive right now, wish it was like this all the time ahah. I’m also a bit drunk, maybe that helps ahah. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe how everything can change in the bat of an eye, out of […]

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On the Precipice of Breaking

Seriously, like wtf is the deal with life sometimes? I just feel like breaking everything right now. I can handle having a bad day every now and then, but now it’s been like 3 days straight where I’ve had headaches and feeling like my heart is about to explode. And the worst part of it is […]

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The Power of Psychedelics

So, it’s about time to address this topic, also seeing as how it’s an integral part of this blog: Psychedelics. AKA mind-altering substances. There’s a great variety of drugs which have some kind of effect on the mind/brain, from smoking pot to stimulants like MDMA or hallucinogens such as LSD and mushrooms/psilocybin. Some members of […]

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The Light that Shines and Fades

There’s an unfortunate truth about my current life. There are days or periods where I alternate in mood. Sometimes, I feel like I’m on top of the world, anything is possible, where nothing could be better in the present moment..!! Like I’m on fire. Last Sunday, I went to meet a great friend, his extended […]

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