Profit & Loss

It’s an inevitable truth of life that we will lose someone at one point or another of our lives. Whether it’s a break-up, the other person passing away, a friendship losing its luster, or just the law of impermanence acting in full force, we can be pretty sure that “all good things come to an […]

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High School Mentality

Some people never grow up. While others grow up way too soon, you know – the proverbial old soul who’s way ahead of the curve in psychological maturity. Or maybe they’re just born that way. When we’re in high school, we don’t really know what we’re doing, we’re just too young to even know at […]

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A Poem for the Pandemic

People were not meant to stay inside, We were born to thrive outside So that the whole world would see us shine And every day’d be warm and fine. Days and weeks passing by, Babies crying for a lullaby, Kids and grownups getting restless, All we want is to be free-n-fearless. May the dead rest […]

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The Yin and Yang of Blogging

Light and darkness, fire and ice, yin and yang – the polar opposites. Of life, nature, the universe, everything. Or so we are told. When it comes to blogging, there definitely seems to be a trend where people either post stuff which is more on the happy-light-inspirational side or the darker-gloomier-perverse aspect of things. Sometimes […]

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